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Love for Life

Last week, saw a visit from Love for Life to Park School. They delivered some workshops with our KS4 and Post 16 students.

The KS4 session ‘Top to Toe’  considered how, although our bodies and personalities are different, we are all special and have something to offer. They learnt about the importance of looking after their body and keeping safe, as well as considering the influence of friends, family and the media on their choices.

The Post 16s completed the 'Who’s Choosing?' Programme, to uncover some of the pressures facing pupils, from the sexualisation of media to the pressure from peers to have a boyfriend or girlfriend or to engage in risk-taking behaviours. Pupils became more self-aware and more aware of the facts around sexual activity and health. They addressed consequences to choices, especially with regard to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Contraception and emotional safety within relationships were discussed, with a recurring focus on the need to make good choices with the help and support of those we trust.

The students interacted superbly and gained some valuable insight and support into topics and areas that effect more and more of our students everyday. Well done to all involved!

KS3 students will have access to their workshops in April when Love for Life return for our KS3 RSE focus day.


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