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Pupil Voice

Park School has a pupil council set in place which allows representatives from each form class to have an input into the operation of the school. This gives pupils a platform to express and suggest ways to improve their learning environment. They have recently created a Merit Reward System which allows pupils to ‘Cash In’ their merits for prizes.

School Council Reps

Ben -8HK
Toby – 8JK
Max – 8RD 
Lily – 9CF
DJ - 9TS 
Paul – 9JA
Brandon – 10JK
Alfie – 10SA

Will – 11YD
Matthew – 11ND
Ritchie – 12JW
Mason – 12PC 
Jo – 16PB
Che – 16SF
Beth – 16LH
Marcus – 16AS 

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