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About Our School


Park School is a co-educational secondary school set within the grounds of Ormeau Park in South Belfast. The school caters for pupils aged 11 to 19, who are statemented as having moderate learning difficulties. In addition, some pupils have diagnosed syndromes and disorders with associated behaviours. The majority of the pupils who attend are transported from the Greater Belfast area, although some pupils come from other Education and Library Boards.

At Park School we aim:


  • To provide a happy, safe and supportive environment that promotes the development of the whole pupil.

  • To devote the schools resources to providing a flexible curriculum that caters for the specific needs of each individual pupil.

  • To develop self-confidence, self-esteem and independence in each pupil.

  • To provide pupils with the opportunity to participate in appropriate accreditation at Key Stage 4.

  • To develop a set of attitudes, values and skills that can be continued into adult life and which enable pupils to become contributing members of society

Mission Statement

At Park School we prepare our pupils for life by providing a supportive learning environment in which their:

  • Talents will be discovered

  • Potential will be developed and

  • Achievements will be celebrated


Park School will be recognised as a specialist school which can meet the needs of children with a variety and complexity of special educational needs.

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