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Eco-Schools is an international programme of the Foundation for Environmental Education that aims to empower students to be the change that our sustainable world needs by engaging in fun, action-orientated and socially responsible learning. The Eco-Schools Programme is pupil-led, involving hands-on learning that gets the whole school and the wider community involved in innovative environmental projects. 

Eco Council 2019

8SA - Kori Cahoon

8RD - Brooke Watson

9CF - Kai McCrory

9CC - Stephen Clarkin

10JM - Jordan Nelson

10RE - Jake Turner

11YD - Reece McNeill

12AS - Dale Wright

12AS - William Adams

19PC - Joshua Allen

16AC - Sophie Coleman

16AD - Zara Hennessy

16ND - Filip Stawowczyk

16ND - Jackson Hanna

CAR - Mr A Fisher

Staff - Mr N Davis

Staff - Mrs S Arthur

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