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Technology & Design

Departmental vision and aims


At Park School, the T&D Department aim to provide opportunities for all students of all abilities and stages and develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills by being able to design, plan and make a range of projects using a selection of materials and tools.

Key Stage Three

Park School T&D Department aims to promote to all Key Stage 3 students a chance to develop their creative and problem-solving skills by completing a range of tasks and projects. These projects will aim to teach skills and confidence to each student as their work is celebrated, but also be able to learn and use a range of life skills that they can use in the future.

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Key Stage Four


All Key Stage 4 students study Technology and Design following CCEA’s Level 1 Carpentry and Joinery specification. This will involve completing a range of practical projects including a coffee table and birdhouse. Students will complete a portfolio for each of these units of work. Students will also work at other practical projects to enhance their skills additional to their coursework.

Key Stage Five

Post 16 students can choose Technology and Design as an option in one of their subject blocks. Students will be following OCNNI’s Level 2 Vocational Studies course under Building and Construction completing the following units which will involve a wide range of practical lessons to develop their skills in construction. 


  • Health and Safety in a Working Environment

  • Carpentry and Joinery in Practice

  • Developing Carpentry Hand Skills

  • Working with Woodworking Tools

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