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Students will be provided with opportunities and support to develop their skills in the areas of food preparation and cooking using methods such as; boiling, steaming, baking and roasting. 

ICT at Key Stage 3

All pupils study ICT in Years 8-10. Lessons are delivered in computer room and pupils have the opportunity to become familiar with the IT systems at Park School while learning about a variety of applications software packages.

The purpose of KS3 ICT classes is to:

  • enable pupils to become familiar with ICT resources which may be used in other subject areas to enhance the nature and quality of learning

  • prepare pupils for learning, living and working in the ‘information age’ by giving pupils experience using a breadth of software applications

  • allow pupils to make an informed choice on whether to choose to study ICT at Key Stage 4 or Post 16.


Topics studied in Year 8 ICT

Introduction to IT Systems

Email Communication

Beebot and Logo Programming

Scratch Jr Programming

Data Handling & Spreadsheets


Topics studied in Year 9 ICT

Scratch Programming

PowerPoint Presentations

Using the Internet

Data Modelling using Spreadsheets



Topics studied in Year 10 ICT

Information Systems using PowerPoint

Web Design

Game development using Scratch

Desk Top Publishing


ICT at Key Stage 4 - OCN NI Entry Level 3 Award in ICT Skills

Students in Key Stage 4 can choose ICT as one of their options. The OCN NI Entry Level Award in ICT Skills (Entry 3) qualification has been designed to encourage students to develop and demonstrate their skills in the basics of ICT as well as email, internet, word processing and spreadsheet software.


There are 5 units to complete:


User Fundamentals - This unit is to enable students to gain knowledge and acquire the essential skills for using IT systems and information safely and securely.


Using the Internet - This unit is to introduce students to basic skills and knowledge required to use the internet.


Using Email - This unit is to enable students to develop the key skills required for using email as a means of communication.


Word Processing - This unit is to introduce students to the principal word processing skills required to input and edit text, format and present documents.


Spreadsheet Software - This unit is to enable students to develop the basic skills required to enter data, use formulae and display information effectively using spreadsheet software.


ICT at Post 16 - OCN Level 1 Certificate in Essential Skills in Information & Communication Technology

Post 16 Students can choose ICT as an option.

The Level 1 Certificate in Essential Skills ICT has three parts:


Using ICT systems – Students learn to how interact and use ICT systems independently and follow safety and security practices.


Finding and exchanging information – Students learn how to select and use a variety of appropriate sources of information and use ICT to communicate and exchange information.


Developing and presenting information – Students learn how to enter, organise, develop, format and bring together information, in the form of text, tables, images and numbers.

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