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Autism and Anxiety Management Course

Middletown Autism Centre are  hosting a series of Parents’ Information Evenings in relation to ASD and Anxiety Management in Lagan College. Walk-ins welcome, no need to book.

The upcoming dates and times (6:00 – 8:00 pm) are as follows:

Feb 11th

March 12th

Mat 12th

May 20th

June 9th

Autism and Anxiety Management – Course Content

Post Primary aged students with autism experience anxiety in many situations, with some experiencing significant anxiety difficulties.

This session is an introduction to strategies that can be used to alleviate the experience of anxiety in students with autism. This will include an introduction to cognitively based strategies and how to develop student centred strategies to deal with anxiety.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will:

• Understand how the difficulties experienced by those with autism, including sensory difficulties, can contribute to the development of anxiety.

• Understand how anxiety can escalate.

• Develop some simple strategies to prevent the escalation of anxiety.

• Understand the basics of cognitively based management approaches.

Course Overview

• Anxiety triggers and build up.

• “On the spot” anxiety management strategies.

• Developing a “stress kit”.

• Cognitively based approaches and the emotional toolkit