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All pupils have potential in music and can benefit from learning experiences which develop their knowledge, understanding and skills.

Key Stage 3

In Years 8, 9 and 10 pupils actively engage with the core musical activities – composing, performing and listening. They are given musical opportunities using keyboards, guitars, their voices, drums and percussion instruments to -

  • learn more about both making and responding to music in a range of styles

  • explore and combine the elements of music to improvise and compose 

  • perform individually, in groups, and discuss the music.

  • listen to and appraise their own and others’ music

  • listen to a wide range of music in society

  • learn about music’s power to evoke mood and atmosphere.

  • use technology such as GarageBand when composing and performing

  • become more aware of the skills required to be successful in the music industry


Key Stage 4

CCEA Performing Skills Level 1

Pupils are given the option to take part in a course of study to allow them to develop skills in the entertainment industry and to give them the opportunity to perform in front of an audience.The course includes three units -

  1. Working in the Performing Arts - learners can develop an understanding of the skills and training required to work in the performing arts industry.

  2. Develop Performance Skills - an opportunity to develop the practical skills required for your chosen art form.

  3. Rehearse and Perform - Learners develop the understanding and effectiveness of the rehearsal process and performance skills and discipline.


School Performances


All school pupils are given the opportunity to take part in performances as a member of Park School choir and various instrumental music groups for special occasions such as Christmas and leavers assemblies.

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